Placement Test General English 2019

Placement Test General English 2019

Welcome to your Placement Test General English 2019

Section 1

1 He isn’t American. He is ______.

2 This is ______. Do you like it?

3 Jonas and Martin___ abroad on holidays.

4 She doesn’t play in our team. She ____ in the other one.

5 Hi Robert. This is my friend Thomas, and this is James, ____ brother.

6 My team ______ because they use the staff restaurant.

7 What sports _____ your best friend like doing?

8 Mary has a new job! She _____ in the city centre.

9 I don’t like living in the city anymore! I ______ to move to the countryside.

10 My brother is visiting my city the next month. I will give ____ my room.

11 I have lots of heavy bags to carry! ______ you help me?

12 Mr McKenzie ____many different short story books to read while he’s on holiday.

Section 2: Pre-Intermediate

1 Here it says that the shipping date was yesterday. ______

2 Why didn’t you answer my messages the whole weekend? ____ angry?

3 You______ smoke in this room. It’s prohibited!

4 Jamie’s marriage was the ______ news last week.

5 Buying clothes and electronic products in the USA is _______ than buying in Europe.

6 You ______ change your passwords regularly to protect your personal information.

7 Describe your typical weekend. What ______ like?

8 I have lived here in the US _____ 4 years now, but I’m still learning the language.

9 He _____ home when I arrived and asked me for some help with his baggage

10 Robert ____ never _____ abroad for a holiday.

11 ______ like some water before we go out?

12 The new TV program is called: boosting creativity. It _____ by James Albert, a genius in entertainment.

Section 3: Intermediate

1 That ____ be the shortest way home. I’m sure of it!

2 This app makes it easy ____ the new e-learning platform. Doesn’t it?

3 I’m not interested _____ things on the net.

4 Mr Smith is the doctor ____ prescribed my sister the new drug for her migraines.

5 If local stores reduce prices, they _____ more.

6 If I had more time I _____ to the gym three times a week.

8 They said that the treatment didn’t work because he refused _____ his medicine for two weeks.

9 Mary was suffering from stress so she decided to move to the countryside ____ live a healthier life.

10 I really have to have this summary ______ before our first rehearsal for the show.

11 The new methodology for online courses ______ fully implemented by the end of the month.

12 When Peter checked the plans for his new home, he realized _______ a mistake.

Section 4: upper-intermediate

1 You’ll be arriving at midday,_____ ?

2 Do you know who ______ for some advice about this?

3 The explanation about new scientific findings was quite confusing for most students. You ________the contents in a better way.

4 It’s not worth _____ to persuade her to come home for dinner. She’s too upset!

5 If we ____ better advertising in social media, we _____ more.

6 You ______ any dog food. There is plenty.

7 If Bill ______ the car, he _____ in prison now.

8 They expected _____ earlier to take the first train to the sea

9 I’d rather _____ anyone about their wedding party until they have sent out all the invitations.

10 He won the race _______ being much older than the others.

11 Jane _____ , than her neighbour _____ on the door.

12 ______ the train, but (he) also _____ his bag.

Section 4: Advanced

1 It ______ all salaries by 10% due to recession.

2 A lot of homes in the area ________ by burglars.

3 If only I _____ too much, this_______ !

4 If you_______ , drop in for a cup of tea.

5 You look as if _____ second thoughts

6 It was strange that you ________ on the right side of the road in the UK. I thought it was the other way around there.

7 Everyone was angry because Sam _______off the televisión

8 I ______ to come. I didn’t do anything in the end.

9 ____________ the station, when _______ an explosion.

10_________ , it ___ not impossible

11 It is _______ certain that the match ______ place.

12 I didn't get wet, _______ my umbrella