English placement test- Professional and IT – Section 1

English placement test- Professional and IT – Section 1

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Realiza tu test de nivel online. El mismo es un test de referencia para que podamos asignarte el Trial más cercano a tu nivel.

Ten en cuenta que hay competencias que no pueden medirse mediante este test como ser la inmediatez al responder, capacidad de interacción, habilidad para resolver nuevos desafíos, entre otras. Por lo cual, es importante que sepas que la clase con el profesor no solo te garantiza conocer tu nivel en detalle sino también las posibles estrategias a aplicar según tus habilidades y fortalezas comunicativas.

Section 1:
1 He isn’t American. He is ______.
2 This is ______. Do you like it?
3. Mr Smith and his colleagues ____ on a business trip.
4 She doesn’t report to me. She ____ to the head of HR. 
5 Let me introduce the members of the IT department. This is James and that is Robert, ______ assistant. 
6 My team  ______ because they use the staff restaurant. 
7 What tasks _____ your job involve?
8 The IT department ______ on a new AI project at the moment. 
9 The finance manager ____ to reduce the budget for R&D.  
10 The CEO is visiting our country the next month. We will give ____ our best office. 
11 ______   you help me with these figures? I can’t find the mistake. 
12 Mr McKenzie wants to set up his own company. So he _____lots of books online to learn about entrepreneurial skills.
Listen to the following conversation about Personal information and choose the best option:

1 Chris’ real name is:
2 By the end of the conversation Vanesa sounds:
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