Placement Test Business – IT 2019

Placement Test Business – IT 2019

Welcome to your Placement Test Business - IT 2019

Section 1

1 He isn’t American. He is ______.

2 This is ______. Do you like it?

3 Mr Smith and his colleagues ____ on a business trip.

4 She doesn’t report to me. She ____ to the head of HR.

5 Let me introduce the members of the IT department. This is James and that is Robert,______ assistant.

6 My team ______ because they use the staff restaurant.

7 What tasks _____ your job involve?

8 The IT department ______ on a new AI project at the moment.

9 The finance manager ____ to reduce the budget for R&D.

10 The CEO is visiting our country the next month. We will give ____ our best office.

11 ______ you help me with these figures? I can’t find the mistake.

12 Mr McKenzie wants to set up his own company. So he _____lots of books online to
learn about entrepreneurial skills.

Section 2: Pre-Intermediate

1 Here it says that the shipping date was yesterday. ______

2 Why didn’t you answer my messages during your business trip? ____ too busy?

3 You______ smoke in this office. It’s prohibited!

4 Jamie’s promotion was ______ news last week.

5 Buying consumer goods in the USA is _______ buying them in Europe.

6 You ______ change your passwords regularly to be protected from hacking.

7 Describe a typical day at work. What ______ like?

8 I have worked here in the US _____ 4 years now, but I’m still learning the language.

9 He _____ the office when the boss arrived and asked him to finish the report.

10 Mrs Smith ____ never _____ absent from work.

11 ______ like some water before we start the training session?

12 The new training course is called: boosting creativity. It _____ by the HR department.

Section 3: Intermediate

1 That ____ be the best solution. I’m sure of it!

2 This app makes it easy ____ the new e-learning platform. Doesn’t it?

3 I’m not interested _____ things on the net.

4 Simon is the person ____ has most experience

5 If companies outsource, they _____ costs.

6 If overheads weren’t so high we _____more.

7 She said she ____ him several times before showing up at the office.

8 They said he refused _____ a laptop with him on the trip.

9 We’ve called this meeting ______ talk about developments in our latest project.

10 I really have to have this report ______ before the meeting.

11 The new system ______fully implemented by the end of the month.

12 When Peter checked the update, he realized _______ a mistake.

Section 4: upper-intermediate

1 You’ll be arriving at midday,_____ ?

2 Do you know who ______ for some advice about this?

3 The agenda was quite confusing for most participants. You ________the meeting better.

4 It’s not worth _____ to sell it now. Our competitors have already invested a considerable sum of money in this.

5 Several people are alleged ______ in the financial scandal.

6 If we ____ a better distribution network, we’d be able to sell more.

7 The company will have to stop production ____the political situation _______.

8 ________ a good time to invest ____ to speculate on the stock market.

9 _____ had we announced the CEO’s resignation than the share value_______.

10 I’d rather _____ anyone until you have finished all the research

11 This decision was made _________ the fact that a second company, offered us a lower price on some courses

12 We advised our client to set up businesses in Latin America and East Asia. _____ has proved to be a great success, whereas ____ has resulted in very little profit.